Seller's Notification
This notification is to be read together with other terms & policies stated by Bibiz on the site.
1.1 Seller are required to upload your product in the product page with the details of the item accurately, such as Category, Price, Stock, Brand, Variation (set color/size/price) , Variation Weight, Shipping Fee and Days to ship.
1.2 Kindly upload an interesting photos of your product, with a white background, and a maximum of 5 photos per item.
1.3 Please also upload video of your product, if any, into the video section in the product page.
1.4 Please adhere strictly to the Prohibted & Restricted Item which are not allowed for sale in our website, failing which your item will be remove immediately from the site.
1.5 Sellers are to make sure that item listed in Health and Beauty/Cosmetics/Food & Supplements Categories are with KKM Approval.
1.6 Kindly reply to any enquiries by the buyer within 24 hours. Please also update your shipping status, from processing the shipment to shipped, with tracking number into the system and to the buyer.
1.7 Sellers are to give a period of 14 days for buyer to exchange/return/request for refund in any event the item purchased is defective/damaged/does not match the specification as mentioned by the seller and for any other cases as stated in our Exchange/Return/Refund Policy.
2.1 By using bibiz, you agree to use the Shipping Services provided in the site by the following shipping company;
     1. Poslaju Malaysia
     2. Nationwide Express
     3. J&T Express
2.2 A subsidized shipping fee are given to the buyers, where buyers will only be paying RM5.50 flat rate shipping fee for the 1st kg’s. Therefore, Seller has to bear the different of RM2.00 shipping fee. For instance, Poslaju shipping fee is RM7.50 for the 1st kg for West Malaysia delivery. As such, bibiz will only charge the buyer a flat rate of RM5.50 shipping fee and the balance of RM2.00 will be deducted from the seller’s earnings.
2.3 Seller can either call the shipping company for collection of an item to ship or drop by at their office. In any case you call the shipping company to collect the item, the shipping company will then bring together the consignment notes for you to write in the details of the recipient and yourself, as the seller and also the details of the goods shipped. You can then update the system with the tracking number. We really want good, responsible and responsive seller so that the buyer will have the best shopping experience when dealing with us.
2.4 In the case of seller who is residing in a remote area, please drop by to the shipping company to ship the product, after which, you are to update the system/buyer of the tracking number.
2.5 Shipping Fees/Rates are calculated based on weight, dimension, origin and destination. Please measure and weigh your goods for shipment accurately. In any case that the weigh/dimension you declared is different with the weigh/measurement done by the shipping company, the additional shipping fee incurred will be borne by the respective seller and the said amount will be deducted from the proceed of your sale. Please refer to Shipping Fee page for shipping charges.
2.6 Sellers have to make sure that preparation to ship the purchased item will not take more than 48 hours. This to assure that the Buyers will received the purchased item within the Payment Protection Service Period.
3.1 There are no listing fees and no commission charge for the use of the site unless stated otherwise.
4.1 Transaction Fee or Payment Gateway Fee is the fee that applied by the transaction processor to cover the costs of receiving and processing the transaction. It is payment for the use of the infrastructure to receive payment information, request authorization from the customer’s bank, transmit the authorization information to the merchant and to facilitate payment of the merchant.
4.2 All item purchased by the buyer in Bibiz, using the online payment gateway, such as Credit Card/Debit Card/Online Transfer/Online Banking, will be charged 2.8% by the Payment Gateway Company (EGHL) and the seller will have to bear this transaction fee. The transaction fee is calculated on the cost price/discounted price of an item including the shipping fee and will be deducted from the seller’s earnings.
5.1 Settlement Amount is the buyer’s purchase monies payable to the Seller, by deducting the Transaction Fees (Payment Gateway Fee) and Subsidized Shipping Fee on all Successful Transactions.
6.1 Bibiz will credit the net proceeds from the sale into the seller’s account after deducting the Transaction Fee and the Subsidized Shipping Fee on every 2 weeks. Please give us 5 working days after the cut off date to credit the proceed of the sale into the seller’s account for calculation purposes.
6.2 Below is an example of the payment cycle:
Payout-date range:(1-14th) and (15th– 28th) day of the month) Payment will be made within 5 working days after each payout-date range.
7.1 Bibiz will be launching advertising services (hereinafter referred to as "Paid Advertising") on its Paid Advertising Site on an ongoing basis. Sellers may purchase the Paid Advertising by forthnightly basis (2 weeks) or one month basis. We will update the fee for the Advertising Site in the Seller’s Page/Centre.
7.2 You may purchase Paid Advertising services by emailing us at or visit our office directly.
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