1. Bibiz will be launching its advertising services (hereinafter referred to as "Paid Advertising") on its Paid Advertising Site on an ongoing basis. Bibiz provides the Paid Advertising services in accordance with the Terms of Service and any explanatory materials published on this Site, the Paid Advertising Site or otherwise communicated to Sellers in writing (hereinafter referred to as the "Paid Advertising Rules"). Sellers who purchase Paid Advertising services agreed to be bound by the Paid Advertising Rules. If you are not agreeable to be bound by the Paid Advertising Rules, do not purchase any Paid Advertising Services.
2. In order to purchase Paid Advertising services, you must be an eligible Seller under the Paid Advertising Rules and at the time you purchased the Paid Advertising Services, your Account must not be suspended.
3. You may purchase Paid Advertising services by contacting our office at 011-32489292 / 010-3966626 or email us at The fees payable for the paid advertisement services should be paid directly to Bibiz’s Maybank Account No. 557344067889. After payment has been made kindly send the payment notification to us via email to the above email address. Advertising payments will be subject to goods and services tax, if any. You may not cancel or request for refund after you have make the payment into our Bank Account.
4. You will not be entitled to transfer the remaining Paid Advertising Period or Advertising Credits/Payment to other items if an item is unsold during the Paid Advertising Period. The amount payable for Paid Advertisement Site will not be refunded.
5. In any event that you authorized Bibiz to manage the Paid Advertising service for you, you understand and agree to indemnify, defend and hold Bibiz harmless from and against any and all losses which may be sustained, instituted, made or alleged against or suffered or incurred by Bibiz and which arises (whether directly or indirectly) out of, in the course of or in connection with Bibiz accessing your Seller’s account and/or executing your instructions, for the purpose of managing the Paid Advertising service on your behalf.
6. The goods you list on the Advertisement Site must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, the Paid Advertising Rules, the Terms of Service and the Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy. You understand and agree that Bibiz has the right to immediately remove any listing which violates any of the foregoing and any Paid Advertising fees that you have paid in relation to any listing removed pursuant to this Section will not be refunded. Bibiz will also not be liable to compensate you for any loss whatsoever in relation to listings removed pursuant to this Section.
7. You understand and agree that Bibiz does not warrant or guarantee any increase in viewership or sales of your items as a result of the Paid Advertising services.
8. You are advised to only purchase Paid Advertising services after fully considering your budget and intended advertising objectives. Except as otherwise provided in the Terms of Service or the Paid Advertising Rules, Bibiz shall not be liable for any compensation or be subject to any liability (including but not limited to actual expenses and lost profits) for the results or intended results of any Paid Advertising service.
9. Customer grants Bibiz and its affiliates a non-exclusive, worldwide, and fully paid license to use, perform, reproduce, display, transmit, and distribute the Advertising Materials on the selected Media in accordance with this Agreement.
10. For each Advertisement that Customer wishes to place, Customer will provide Advertisement duration, media, budget, and other relevant information to Bibiz, we will then only propose a placement solution in an Insertion Order.
11. Upon confirmation of an Insertion Order, customer shall pay full sum of the advertising fee for such Insertion Order ("Advertising Fee”) with Bibiz as soon as practicable. Customer’s failure to ensure such payment is received by Bibiz before the launch date of the Advertisement will be deemed as cancelled. All Advertising Fees received are not-refundable.
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